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Before we know it, winter will be here. With summer days fading away, it is not too early to start thinking about cold temperatures and snowy days. And that includes getting your 2022 Audi Q3 ready for the brutal cold.
The Q3 is an impressive vehicle that has a state-of-the-art design. This luxurious vehicle is perfect for any driving conditions, from city driving to out on the open highway.
Many drivers are afraid of how a car will handle adverse conditions. While these conditions are not ideal to drive in, some cars are better than others when it comes to snow, ice, or cold temperatures. You can rest assured that the Audi Q3 will fare well in all three winter conditions.
Audi select drive assists the driver in any conditions by adjusting the engine, steering, and transmission to properly fit driving preferences. This allows the driver to focus on the road safely.
As far as safety goes in winter conditions, the windshield-mounted front camera helps alert drivers of accidents ahead. Should the driver not respond, the Q3 can automatically brake to either avoid the collision or make the impact less severe.
Worried that you may be following too close to the vehicle ahead of you in adverse conditions? With Traffic Jam, the Q3 automatically maintains a preset distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. And this will also help you remain centered in your lane, which is good for when roads are snow-covered.
This compact SUV may be the smallest of all Audis, but it sure packs a punch when it comes to winter roads. With an overall rating of 5 out of 5 in crash testing, the Q3 rated 4 out of 5 for rollover rating and 5 out of 5 for overall side crash rating, side barrier rating, side barrier rating driver and passenger seat, combined side rating front seat and rear seat, and side pole rating driver front side. With such high ratings, an individual can have peace of mind when driving the Audi Q3.
When road conditions are less than ideal, the Q3 can handle it. Standard Quattro 4-wheel drive improves not only the acceleration but also the handling. By making sure your vehicle is equipped with the proper winter tires and driving using caution when warranted, the Audi Q3 can get you where you need to be.