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Have you ever wondered how some cars get their names?
We have to. Some of these names are rather creative, which is perfect to go along with a luxurious vehicle. Audi names their vehicles with a system that works perfectly for them, employing both letters and numbers for them.
Audi vehicles start with a letter A for any vehicle that ranges from an entry-level subcompact (Audi A3) to a full-size sedan (Audi A8). A letter S will be used for sports versions of A4 models while RS is used for a top-tier performance vehicle. All Audi SUVs will have the letter Q associated with them.
Numbers are used to recognize each vehicle class.
Numbers three through 8 are used in these class sizes. Therefore, a Q3 would be recognized as a smaller SUV than a Q8. It should be noted that there are not any number 4 or 6 in the SUV lineup for Audi.
Now you may wonder about the vehicles produced by Audi that do not contain properties to fit into the A, S, or RS classifications, such as the Audi e-Tron. The two-door sports car, known as the TT and the supercars, the R8 and the R8 Spyder, are also available in either coupe or roadster versions.
Besides letters and numbers, there are other ways to note an Audi. These include:
TFSI – TFSI stands for Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection. Audi TFSI engines utilize turbocharging and direct fuel injection to boost both power and execution.
Quattro – Quattro is Audi’s trademark all-wheel-drive system. It is spelled with a lowercase “q” to stop any confusion with the Audi Quattro model. Typically, most all Audi vehicles except the barest base models come with quattro.
Sportback – Audi Sportbacks features a fastback body style with a continuous slope through the tail end of the car. This excludes the A3 Sportback, which has a traditional hatchback body. Audi Sportbacks generally cost significantly more than their sedan counterparts.
Cabriolet – The French word for “convertible.”
e-Tron – Audi vehicles sporting the e-Tron label use either a gas/electric hybrid or full-electric powertrain.
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