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The Audi e-tron GT augmented reality experience.
Activate the virtual experience to explore the innovative technology and stunning design right from your phone or desktop.
Power unleashed.
Progress meets power. Legendary Audi performance is at the heart of the e-tron GT and its RS sibling. Both models feature exhilarating launch control, boosting the power to achieve up to 522 HP on the e-tron GT, and 637 HP on the RS model, putting extraordinary power at your fingertips.
Take charge.
Capable of 270kW charging utilizing 800V technology, the Audi e-tron GT can go from 5% to 80% charge in under 23 minutes. The onboard route planner also pinpoints charging stations along your route, expertly preempting its own charging needs on longer journeys, so you can focus on what matters: enjoying the drive.
Amplified agility.
Instantaneous and electric, the e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT sport e-torque vectoring and e-torque vectoring+, respectively, make their stability and handling enviable in any driving situation. The highly adaptable electric all-wheel drive system intuitively powers each axle individually, making for exceptional traction, regardless of road conditions.
Stunning by design.
With a powerful presence, the wide stance and flowing lines of the e-tron GT make it unignorable. Designed with the intent to stand out, the meticulously crafted exterior is sure to draw attention.
Utter brilliance.
The e-tron GT is the first Audi model to feature X-design LED headlights, casting a distinctive illumination that’s sure to leave an impression. The high-beam laser lights increase the range of visibility for greater confidence on the road at any time, in any condition.
More than just a pretty chassis.
Designed with the intent of being as purposeful as it is aesthetically pleasing, the Audi e-tron GT boasts an authoritative, wide stance, with subtle features that enhance its performance. The electric rear spoiler improves stability by increasing downforce at speed. Meanwhile, the flat underbody flows into a broad diffuser, as adaptive air suspension completes the aerodynamic optimization.
Above. And beyond.
Deliberate design from the ground all the way up. The Audi e-tron GT features a panoramic roof for a spacious and open feel. The RS model sports a carbon roof that’s lightweight, providing a lower centre of gravity for enhanced performance.
A legend, inside and out.
Step into the future. Crafted with a passion for design and luxury, the interior features of the e-tron GT and RS model amplify the GT experience.
Sustainably stunning.
Sporty and sustainable, the standard cascade-stitched seats are wrapped in Dinamica® and leatherette, making them as eco-friendly as they are sporty and chic. Or choose the optional honeycomb-stitched Nappa leather seats for a luxurious interior that never fails to impress.
Sport, through and through.
The RS e-tron GT pays homage to its sporting heritage with the optional RS Design package. With features such as Dinamica® headliner, distinctive red seatbelts, full leather interior, and striking red honeycomb-stitch detailing on the seats, the spirit of the RS line is evident down to the last detail.
Hold on tight.
The flat-bottom steering wheel of the e-tron GT not only elevates the high-performance atmosphere of the cockpit, Alcantara® also brings a soft yet durable touch to the wheel. When combined with the sporty aluminum shift paddles, the experience of sitting in the driver’s seat is sure to elevate your heart rate.
Brains, brawn, and beauty.
The passion for progress behind the e-tron GT is evident in the innovations that elevate every aspect of the driving experience.
Signature sound.
The voluminous, high-quality e-sound immerses the e-tron GT for a contemporary acoustic expression that will define the next generation of vehicles. The RS model takes it to the next level with e-sound+. Both models allow for the exterior and interior sound to be easily adjusted with Audi drive select, making the aural experience as personalized as it is exhilarating.
Heads up.
The Audi virtual cockpit with head-up display not only delivers confidence by keeping your eyes directly on the road, but also boasts unique design elements in the display that are exclusive to the e-tron GT.
Mood lighting.
The e-tron GT comes with a standard interior ambient lighting package. As night falls, the ambient lighting bathes the interior in a gentle glow that you can tailor to your mood with a variety of colour schemes and levels throughout the cabin.
Meet your co-pilot.
With the latest driver assistance technology, the e-tron GT offers more than just convenience, but greater peace-of-mind on every journey.
Your personal valet.
At the push of a button, the remote parking pilot expertly maneuvers the e-tron GT into or out of parking spaces. With smartphone control, the remote parking pilot can be operated before you even enter the vehicle, giving the sense of personal valet service, anywhere you go.
Sense everything.
With an array of sensors — including laser, radar, cameras, and sonar — Audi pre sense 360 monitors the surroundings of the Audi e-tron GT, giving it intuitive awareness on the road, allowing it to respond to even the most unforeseen circumstances.
Cruise smarter.
The standard Adaptive cruise assist feature puts a host of innovative technologies to work to give you peace-of-mind on the road. The Stop&Go function helps maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front by stopping when needed, based on five distance settings. Corrective steering provides further safety by ensuring your vehicle stays in the appropriate lane.
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