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As the automotive world begins to shift to all-things electric, Audi too has expanded its range in Canada to offer people more choice in BEV models. With signature Audi good looks, terrific features and impressive electric range, the Audi electric range is exactly what every Nova Scotian needs in a modern EV.
The Current Audi Electric Range
Right now, Audi’s range has expanded from the Audi e-tron which first arrived back in 2018, to a total of five models. Below is a brief introduction of each model:
Audi e-tron
The e-tron was Audi’s first foray into the all-electric car world. It uses an impressive 95kWh battery with a range of 357km and DC fast-charge capabilities up to 150kW. On top of its electrics, it still houses the same great Audi features like MMI navigation which is now upgraded to include recommended charging stops, as well as the high-quality interior materials that you’d demand from this brand.
Audi e-tron Sportback
The Sportback version of the e-tron gave a new sporty dynamic to the e-tron SUV. It features a sleek, coupe-style sloping rear roof to deliver an EV with the same power, prowess, comfort and utility of the e-tron SUV, but with more dynamic and athletic looks.
Audi e-tron GT
The e-tron GT sports car is the newly-arrived addition to the range. It uses a 93kWh battery and lives up to its dynamic looks with total power output of 522hp and 472lb-ft of torque when using boost mode and the RS e-tron GT version can make 0-100km/h in just 3.3 seconds. The battery on full charge will give a range of 383km in total. When using DC max-power charging, you can go from 5 to 80 percent in the battery in a fantastic 22.5 minutes.
Audi Q4 e-tron
The Q4 e-tron is soon to be added to the range later in 2021. Initial production will be limited so you need to make your reservation early to secure a spot. The Q4 e-tron will come stocked with all of Audi’s best new electric technology, with added improvements to aerodynamics, Audi’s signature quattro AWD as standard, and faster charging capabilities. It will also be the first Audi model to feature an augmented-reality driver HUD.
Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback
Like the original e-tron lineup, the Q4 e-tron will get a Sportback version to add sleeker, sportier looks to the exterior with the sloping rear roof. It’s like Q4 meets TT.
Why Audi Electric?
The growing range of stunning available vehicles is just one reason to favour Audi in these electrifying times. On top of that, making the switch to electric, and specifically Audi electric brings you many great benefits:
  • Terrific electric range, improving charging infrastructure and the ease of installing home charging solutions means no more range anxiety and no more gas stations.
  • An Audi EV takes an already reliable and high-quality Audi car and moves it even higher on the ladder. EVs have fewer moving parts and no combustion engine to maintain, which makes overall maintenance much easier than a regular car.
  • An EV makes no emissions, and we can all do our part to improve Nova Scotia’s environment and keep our home clean and pristine.
Visit Audi Halifax to learn more about the Audi electric range.
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