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As a further expansion to the growing Audi electric range, the company is preparing to start production of the stunning Q4 e-tron SUV. The initial production run is set to be limited, but reservations are already opened for interested parties. The Q4 e-tron promises to be the most technologically advanced Audi electric car to date, and delivers a fantastic synergy of style and utility.
Bold Design and Perfect Dimensions
The Q4 e-tron is designed to offer more space than the Q3 but while still giving a more compact alternative than the larger Q5. It’s a great happy medium. The exterior design continues the cutting-edge, fresh and stylish design that Audi delivered on its original e-tron, while maintaining the Q-series DNA that made the original SUV range so popular. It features the new signature Audi electric front grille design, optional Matrix LED lights with drivers able to choose from four different daytime running light signatures.
Powered by quattro
As with all Audi models, the Q4 e-tron is powered by Audi’s world-beating quattro all-wheel drive system. The quattro system in its latest form continues to deliver unmatched drive stability and comfort with intuitive and easy handling on even the toughest roads here in Nova Scotia.
The electric powertrain features a 77kWh battery pack with more efficiency and range even than the larger pack of the original e-tron. It is reported to offer up to 400km of range on a single charge, and supports fast DC charging up to 125kW. That allows you to recharge 80 percent of the battery in just 30 minutes.
Stunning Interiors
When you come see a Q4 e-tron at Audi Halfiax, then on the inside you’ll get the showroom within a showroom. Audi is putting all its latest technology on display in the Q4 e-tron interior. To start, you get the same top-quality finishes, soft-touch and premium-look materials that you’d expect in your Audi, whichever model you were buying. On top of that, there’s a new squared-off steering wheel that adds a sportier, more contemporary look. The wheel comes with touch-sensitive controls and a gear selector.
The concept models for the Q4 e-tron may have led you to think it will only be a 4-seater, but in fact the production model will have seating for up to five people. Your infotainment is run via the very latest version of Audi’s MMI system displayed through a flawless 10,1” screen and all-digital drive instrument cluster. Plus, in a technological first, Audi is adding all-new navigation (see below).
Navigate with AR
The Q4 e-tron will be the first Audi model to include augmented-reality navigation. This means that you’ll get navigation instructions via the HUD but displayed right on the road in your eyeline. You’ll never have to take your eyes off the road with this incredible navigation system as the dynamic animated graphics shows you exactly on the road where you need to go next. Besides navigation instructions, it also sends you alerts from your many ADAS systems like adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist and automatic emergency braking.
Sportback Available
Similar to the original Audi e-tron model, the Q4 e-tron will be offered both in its original SUV form as well as in a Sportback version. The Sportback adds a sleeker edge to the exterior design without losing the overall muscular tone, especially at the rear of the vehicle where the more traditional SUV look is replaced with a sloping, coupe-like design.
Reserve Yours Today
Production will be limited on the first models, so those hoping to secure a Q4 e-tron should do so as soon as possible. You can reserve online, or learn more at Audi Halifax!
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