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Just when you thought there would be no models to properly challenge the supremacy of the Tesla Model S, along came Audi in 2021 with their incredible new offering, the e-tron GT. Despite only being unveiled mere days before the time of writing today’s piece, this amazing new electric sedan from Audi promises a serious and lasting rival to the established supremacy of brands like Tesla and specifically the Model S.
The recent unveiling has finally revealed the key information that help us to see why the e-tron GT is going to be such a revolution in the world of high-end luxury electric sedan cars. As Audi put it at their unveiling event, “Welcome to Progress.”
Two Models
The new e-tron GT will not be alone in its release, but joined by sport-tuned RS e-tron GT. Anyone in the know on Audi models will know that the inclusion of “RS” means that the performance credentials of the Audi have been seriously dialed up. Ever since the concept of this car was first shown back in the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, the world has waited with baited breath as Audi worked to complete and unveil their new flagship electric vehicle.
Beating Out the Competition
The e-tron GT and RS e-tron GT are set for release later in 2021. In doing so, Audi have ensured that their new flagship EV will make it to market before that of a number of their key competitors. Obviously, they can’t beat the Model S to market, but it will come in ahead of the much-anticipated Byton K-Byte and the FF 91 from Faraday Future. 
Getting a foothold in the market could prove decisive for the latest member of Audi’s e-tron family. This lineup now includes the e-tron SUV, and another upcoming SUV model, the Q4 e-tron with its related sportback variant.
What Have We Learned About the Audi E-Tron GT?
Thanks to the recent unveiling, there are a number of key things that we have now learned about Audi’s latest electric car:
Battery and Range
The new e-tron GT will be powered by a 92-kWh battery. The battery smartly uses just 85kWh of its total capacity, while keeping the remainder as a reserve to maintain the unit’s overall longevity. The company’s own estimates claim that the range of the e-tron GT will be 383 kilometers maximum on a single charge. This doesn’t rival Tesla’s current long range, all of which are comfortably breaking the 480-kilometer mark as a top rating, and with much longer ranges just around the corner according to Elon Musk. Currently, however, there are no EPA ratings to go by.
Current estimates on the range of the RS e-tron GT put it at 232 miles. Both GT models feature charging doors on both front fenders. Under the cover, you’ll find an SAE J1772 standard AC port that at launch will handle 11-kW charging. That means a max charge from zero to full will take about 8 hours. Audi says there will be an option for 22-kW charging sometime in the near future.
It will accept DC charging, too, of course, which will dramatically cut down those charge times. On the passenger-side CCS DC fast-charge port, you can plug in up to 270 kW for the addition of 62 miles of range in just 5 minutes. Through DC charging, you can go from a battery at 5 percent to 80 percent in less than 23 minutes.
The e-tron GT will be powered by two electric motors --- a 175-kW unit at the front and a 320-kW unit at the rear --- and will feature Audi’s signature quattro electric AWD powertrain. Automotive enthusiasts have expressed a particular interest in the curious design that connects the rear motor to a two-speed transmission. The result is that the new GT can use a short ratio for launch control, ad overall gains a higher cruising speed.
Power can be shifted to improve traction on the road, which is an important feature in a place like Nova Scotia with extreme weather changes through the year. You can even the power distribution to front and rear when you’re in wintry conditions, but then you can also boost the power to a fantastic 523hp when you want a quick off-the-mark start. It can get from 0-60 in just 4.1 seconds. The RS model beats that even further with its higher-level specification, getting there in just 3.3 seconds.
One final feature that Audi have taken care for us not to miss is their attention to the sound of this new EV. The sleek and athletic looks of the GT are more reminiscent of the TT or R8 than they are of the A-series models, and Audi have dialed up the sound generation to add to the overall effect. They are legally required to have sounds generated at low speeds, of course, for safety reasons. Audi have gone above and beyond with this one to maintain the older-world illusion of raw engine power at every speed.
Awaiting Final Delivery
To get our hands not only on these great features, but the stunning interior too, we will have to be patient a little longer. The interior offers a 12.3” Audi Virtual Cockpit system, stunning leather with red stitching (as shown in promotional materials), beautiful finishes and signature Audi craftsmanship. It’s an exciting year as we await final delivery and release of this well-balanced high-performance electric car.
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