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Audi has been driving quattro technology forward for 35 years.
Anyone who knows Audi knows Quattro. However, if you are new to the Audi brand, and you are looking for more information about Audi Quattro, then you have come to the right place at Audi Halifax in Nova Scotia. At our dealership, we have plenty of Audi vehicles that include the Quattro system. The Quattro cutting-edge technology offers dynamism and safety as well as, at the same time, conveying an exclusive, unique driving pleasure. An Audi with Quattro drive also makes safe and trouble-free progress where two-wheel-drive vehicles no longer have propulsion, for example on slippery or unpaved road surfaces.
The Quattro Drive
Audi offers the Quattro drive in different versions customized for each model. In the compact construction series with a transversely mounted engine, a multi-disc clutch with hydraulic actuation and electronic control is mounted on the rear axle. The multi-disc clutch is located on the front axle in the R8 mid-engine sports car. These active systems distribute the forces variably to both axles depending on the driving situation.
The self-locking centre differential, which is used in many Audi models with a front-mounted longitudinal engine, is a purely mechanical epicyclic gear. Normally, it sends the drive torques to the front and rear axle in a ratio of 40:60.
The sport differential on the rear axle is available for some top motorizations. It can actively distribute the torques between the rear wheels by means of two superposition stages with electro-hydraulic multi-disc clutches.
The Quattro Technology
Audi has been driving Quattro technology forward for 35 years. With more than eight million models produced with Quattro technology, Audi is the most successful premium manufacturer of vehicles with permanent all-wheel drive worldwide.
The Quattro All-Wheel-Drive
The Quattro all-wheel drive is a cornerstone on which Audi stands. Now the brand strengthens it further, with new models and new technologies. The Quattro in the electrified power train represents a completely new concept for the mobility of the future.
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