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Winter is coming! Here in Nova Scotia, that means something very real indeed. While in many temperate zones around the world, winter tires are not a necessity, up here they really are. If you think you’ll get by with all-season tires in the harsh Canadian winter, then today’s piece is just for you. Winter tires for your Audi are practical, and at the same time enhance both driving safety and on-road enjoyment even in tricky winter conditions.
Audi Cars – Audi Winter Tires
Audi’s winter tires are built specifically for the size and design of Audi car models. You’ll find model-specific designs with specially created treads that maximize traction and thus help keep you glued to those wintry roads. What’s more, they come mounted and balanced on genuine stylish Audi alloys in an all-in-one stylish package if you prefer.
Tested for Audis in Every Winter Condition
The tires are thoroughly tested on Audi vehicles to ensure proper efficacy, something you can’t always guarantee with other generic winter tires. Audi’s tires undergo curve rotation testing; radial impact and ridge testing; acid, salt and extreme-climate testing and further compliance testing to ensure they meet government standards. These tires have been put through the mill and are ready for your Audi this winter.
Quattro is Great – But Winter Can be Worse
Your much-adored Quattro drive system is another key component of keeping you and your car safe on the road. It isn’t infallible against some of the harshest winter conditions in the world here in Nova Scotia, however. It therefore remains advisable to add a set of authentic high-quality Audi winter tires to your car to further reinforce your car’s winterization.
For tires that look the part, are especially built for Audis, have undergone the proper testing and are also designed to reinforce existing Audi features, look no further than Audi winter tires.
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