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What is one thing Canada is known for the world over? Exceptionally cold winters. They don’t call it The Great White North because of all the vanilla ice cream, you know. We can’t let the winter slow us down every year, so what do we do about it? One of the solutions you might try is owning and driving an Audi. Here’s why:
Audi Quattro
Since the 1980s, Audi’s world-renowned Quattro all-wheel drive system has helped to give it a competitive edge in extreme driving conditions like those of a Nova Scotian winter. The unique system --- envy of auto makers everywhere --- provides pretty unbeatable traction in wintry conditions.
Audi Care
Winter is also a time in which any car is put under enormous strain when it comes to maintenance. Audi Care is offered by many dealerships as a standard part of a package. It gives you prepaid scheduled maintenance every 15,000km, which means you aren’t at the mercy of potentially fluctuating costs of parts.
The Tires
Have you taken a closer look at the tires that come with Audi? How about the ones especially made for winter driving? Audi’s winter tires feature unique, deep-cut treads that are put together with the most durable materials available to give you the perfect winter steed upon which to ride your Audi car. These tires are tested to endurance far beyond the typical range, ensuring that even Nova Scotia can’t get the better of them.
Safety Tech
It’s not just the hardware that makes Audi so desirable for winter driving, but the software, too. Audi Connect Navigation and Infotainment keeps you up to date on the latest weather and road conditions. On top of that, you are looked after by the suite of ADAS features that can help detect obstacles, pedestrians and even animals in the road. Even if you get into trouble, Audi Connect Security and Assistance will help contact service providers for help.
How else can we say it? Audi Halifax has you properly covered, and not just this winter, but every winter.
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