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Audi says that their new all-electric SUV, the e-tron, is “a look into the future.” They’re not exaggerating. Any Audi SUV is a luxurious, comfortable and advanced piece of machinery, but the e-tron is taking things to new heights.
Charged Performance
Let Audi set your electric-car anxieties to rest. The e-tron should be the SUV that finally shows there’s nothing to fear from either range anxiety or charge time anxiety with incredibly battery performance and charging speeds. The e-tron is built with a 95kWh battery at its heart, capable of taking your SUV up to 357km on a single charge. What’s more, it can handle DC fast charging up to 150kW, meaning your battery can be fully recharged well under an hour at a public charging station.
Signature Beauty
It’s impossible to see the e-tron and fail to fall in love with its exquisite lines, aerodynamic build and ultra-modern high-tech feel. Every inch of the car looks cutting-edge, from the signature e-tron front grille --- which actually helps to boost range --- to the up-to 21” alloys with unique e-tron orange brake calipers.
The beauty of the e-tron is also functional. The athletic build, sharp lines and innovative grille all work to reduce the drag co-efficient to a measly .28. The result is the impressive range and an SUV that cuts through the road ahead like a hot knife through butter.
Crafted Interior
All this electric talk may be fairly new to the Audi range, but the quality and craftsmanship of the interior is unmistakable. The e-tron features two large MMI screens at the centre, from which you can control just about every function in this advanced driving machine. Audi’s Virtual Cockpit is also in place, giving your graphical instrument display an impeccable and irresistible clarity. Every other detail from the sumptuous leather seats to the clean metallic and soft-touch interior surface materials make for the ultimate Audi driving experience.
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