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2021 Audi Q5/SQ5

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Let’s cut to the chase here – the Audi SQ5 is just about one perfect unit of premium SUV. It possesses a near-ideal balance of the four attributes that it seems almost every SUV shopper is looking for these days: space, technology, style, and performance – with a touch of added spice from Audi Sport that makes it feel really special.
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Audi Q5

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Audi describes the 2021 Q5 as “the SUV that other SUVs wish they could be.” The more you learn about this stunning vehicle, you start to realize that Audi are right on the money, as usual. The stunning new Q5 brings comfort, style and dynamic driving, but also that sense of utility that every sensible Nova Scotian should have when choosing a new car. Let’s look at all the features that make this years Q5 the perfect choice for those in the market for a new family or executive SUV.
With a starting price of just $46,550, it…
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